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He has worked with the design and delivery of tailored Board sessions for:

  • the Board of Terago Wireless Systems–a high tech growth story in Ontario
  • the incoming Board of Canada’s biggest insurance organization, the Insurance Corporation of B.C
  • the Board of the Foothills Model Forest, incorporating a diverse range of stakeholders in the most successful Model Forest Project in Canada
  • the Board, and Foundation Board, of the Justice Institute of British Columbia (three occasions). This is a world-class ISO certified education facility operating in 10 countries
  • the Board of one of the “best managed companies in Canada”  Architectura; now a key part of Stantec
  • several organizations from the Crown sector. These include Port Metro Vancouver  and the national Farm Credit Corporation
  • Cantest – a leading supplier of testing services, Metro Labs, Epic Data, Keen Engineering, Levelton and others

David has just completed a study of key future strategic drivers in the next five years, with the assistance of a pool of clients.
The presentation based on this study details key strategic drivers that are unprecedented and irreversible. Some of these are economic, some technical, and some behavioural. These are presented in an entertaining yet instructive way to help people agree on key change drivers that are relevant to management concerns. Speeches also stress that certain aspects of the strategic plan have to be devoted to accommodating efficiencies, while other aspects need to pay attention to genuinely new frameworks. The key is generating enthusiastic consensus on these.

He has also designed and helped run a series of tailored partnering workshops for organizations from diverse sectors. These have included: Cominco, ABB, Keen Engineering, the French-based multinational Sonepar, and several other organizations in the Crown sphere. Each workshop is designed for a specific purpose with the participation of the key players as David does not apply a universal “cookie-cutter” approach.

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