DEAN OF IN-HOUSE COLLEGES. David Cawood has for many years designed or partcipated in IN-HOUSE COLLEGES. Some of these are leading multinationals–some are focused engineering or other professional firms. Some firms see their In-House Colleges as a strategic advantage and retain confidentiality on cases and some course material.

ADJUNCT PROFESSOR: STRATEGY AND LEADERSHIP FOR ENGINEERS. Dr Cawood is currently attached to Applied Science at the Universoty of British Columbia–having designed a new Credit Graduate Course for Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Together with the CEO of FPInnovations, Dr. Cawood was the co-author of a cover article in North America’s leading Forest Products Journal. He was also the author of an earlier article in Organization Dynamics on managing in turbulence. He has also produced a workbook and show on aspects of the works of Carl Jung.  This is offered to clients only.

NEW BOOK, WORKSHOPS. He is the author of a forthcoming book on the links between the misapplication of power and the decline of Vision statements. His co-author is a former CEO of the world’s largest tech company of its knd.

DESIGNER OF EXCECUTIVE PROGRAMS. He spent ten years in the 80s as part time program developer, designer and then pilot implementer at the University of British Columbia’s Executive Programs Division. Some of these programs are still running and have been extraordinarily successful.

In recognition of his work in Health Care, and in the Strategic Education of Senior University Faculty Members, Dr. Cawood was elected an Honorary Member of the Canadian Association of Radiologists. He has been involved in Continuing Education in Management and has actively consulted on broad Health Care change projects and intense planning sessions with teams of surgeons.

He was the Gold Medalist and elected Class President in both years of his MBA (Cum Laude) class.



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