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We cover the backbone of our business first. This relates to carefully tailored strategic planning processes. We are not users of a patented “cookie cutter” approach! In fact, these standardized approaches may be designed for the convenience of the consultant and can be harmful if slavishly applied. Every situation is unique, and needs to be respected. Only deep experience can help here, and we have this! We look also at our work with Boards, and the fact that their time pressures demand extensive pre-work and tight fast-paced sessions. We undertake to get Boards up to speed with the key aspects of strategic decisions so that their input is focused and productive.

We have a speech-making and workshop design capability that works in ideal unison with our strategic planning tasks. We can train and educate key people while developing the plan. Everyone works from the same theory base and speaks a similar clear language.

We partner with various key North American players to provide very deep content expertise at the delivery of real time employee and customer surveys. We also partner with the newest and best Health Care content experts. And we have designed and run partnering sessions for our own clients as they pull in new business networks from vendors to customers.

Finally we deal with Executive coaching and counseling. Jim Collins confirmed one of our points in his classic book: “Good to Great”. He pointed out that a key aspect of leadership was “Level 5 Leadership” which blends personal humility and professional will. He says in his book that he has no idea how to develop these qualities. We do!

We have developed a tailored set of readings and experiences for one-on-one application to senior people who are interested in taking the time to really move on to the next level of leadership. This leads them to new achievements as parents and citizens too, of course. Our work is based on really solid theory and experience, as David has spent his entire career ensuring a balance between the organizational and personal aspects of growth.

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