Executive Coaching and Counseling

Jim Collins recently confirmed one of our points in his recent book: “Good to Great”. He pointed out that a key aspect of leadership was “Level 5 Leadership” which blends personal humility and professional will.

He says in his book that he has no idea how to develop these qualities. We do!

Because of his extensive contact with a wide range of executives, David noticed the real need for some material and processes to deal with personal development needs. These go well beyond “self-help” platitudes, but embody some significant contributions from the Humanities which few executives have had the time to explore.

People who have specialized in this aspect, such as Stephen Covey, advise the preparation of a personal mission statement. But just producing one of these in a weekend will not lead to any significant change because it is still based on the old set of self-assumptions. There is no short cut to depth! But the journey can be made interesting and challenging. That is what plays, great novels and movies are all about anyway!

David has just completed a process that will lead to a coaching and individual workshop service. It is intended as a really serious, credible and stimulating exploration of wider options for senior managers. These have an underlying basis in the works of Carl Jung, supplemented by leading writers and thinkers.

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