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Why are Vision statments so bland or even interchangeable? There is a crisis of the imagination in organizational strategies. We have looked for ways to help with the renaissance.

A small but significant number of Executives is interested in looking at the problems around generating compelling Vision statements and imaginative strategies. I had noticed that these are getting tougher to produce (more clichés) and decided to put a course together for people to help deal with issues of building and supporting the executive imagination.

We have found material from wide sources and eras that has been shown to rekindle the imagnation with the help of great movies, writers, scientists and role models. This is achieved by blending some of the great work on modern leadership, with classic sources from the Humanities and more modern references—including Behavioura Economics, Brain Research and the Sopranos!

We have piloted a Course for leaders from many sectors, including Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Medicine, Research and Private Schooling.

This is now (Fall of 2013) being converted into a book and associated e-material. The co-author, Ian Radziejewski, is the former CEO and Founder of a world leader in its tech field.


A brand new venture takes flight!

We meet one-on-one for half a day for a few months and there is some pleasant homework to do—some reading and video watching. That is in its ninth year now and will be written up next. References are available here, too. A portion of this material has recently been commissioned for in-house tailoring by a multinational for a Global Leadership Session.



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