The bottom line of everything you are trying to achieve is to show that you are optimizing the use of capital. Increasingly, this is achieved by applying knowledge.Our job is to deliver strategic planning processes that combine our in-depth process expertise with the best of your content expertise. Your people become key players in the development of a plan. They are brought along every step of the way. In a sense there is no clear-cut implementation “phase” to our work. Changes start happening as soon as the need for them is clear. And no changes start to happen that are going to run into implementation roadblocks from key people.

“Strategic planning sessions should be interesting and challenging. They should be the most exciting thing that people are working on.” You need not only a great plan, but you need an assurance that people are going to be squarely behind it. We can help this happen through creative design processes. No one has as much experience in the tailoring of workshops. We are also qualified and experienced at dealing with individual concerns and needs as the project unfolds. We run a small, tight ship. We are not interested in leveraging our top person with legions of consultants running loose in your organization. You get the top people all the way, and they make the best possible use of your in-house resources, who then develop a commitment to the plan as it unfolds.

Dr. David Cawood has a few key contacts with the best people in their sectors and we assemble very small and highly effective networks when needed.

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