Interesting and motivating ways of tapping into your people and stakeholders

We have devoted lots of time and effort to answer this challenge. Strategic planning sessions should be interesting, challenging and the most exciting thing that people are working on.

We started out by honing our graphics skills so that meetings are conducted with the help of huge interactive charts. These use graphics, quotes, stats and whatever we can to make the presentation and discussions come alive. (They also cut down on repetition and shorten meeting times a lot!) We combine these sometimes with carefully chosen video clips. Some of these are from clients in the past who faced similar situations, some are flat-out and unashamedly humorous.

Our task forces (if needed and using mostly your people, not ours!) receive encouragement and focused direction on ensuring that they end up as winners, with respect from their colleagues. Instead of you training us, we train you in key processes, and let your people apply their content knowledge in creative formats.

We help set up situations with inside and outside people who can challenge your assumptions before your competitors do. Sessions designed for this purpose are state-of-the-art in terms of process.

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